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Know about care regime and more with Dr.Madhulika.

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Explore our blog for beauty care information. Ask for an expert opinion. Free your misconceptions. Know about care regime and more with Dr.Madhulika. Get all your skin and hair related queries and concerns answered on this spot.

Little More About The Doc!

DrMadhulikaRustagi is a cosmetologist who is passionate about her work and is keen to help curious folks like you, to understand what are cosmetological procedures, how they help to improve your appearance, before and after care etc. She is wonderfully warm and approachable. You can seek her insights as unhesitatingly as you do with your BFF!

Madhulika has done her BDS from ITS Centre for Dental Studies Research, Ghaziabad and went on to do her Postgraduate Diploma course in Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) from ILAMED. She is also the Member of Delhi State Dental Council and works as a consultant with multi-national pharmaceutical company, Allergan.

She has years of experience in treating skin and hair ailments that refuse to go away; like acne scars, black spots, warts, birthmarks, hair loss, greying of hair, skin whitening, PRP etc.

You And The Doc

You may ask the doctor about your cosmetic issues, enhance your understanding of aesthetic applications and how they can be used to improve your looks (cosmetological improvements), know how to take care of your skin and hair, essentials of staying healthily beautiful and all that you ever needed to know from an expert.

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