Success Story: Anju - 33 years

Tear Trough

Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics

Patient’s Concern

  • 33 year old female came to me with the prime concern of tired and sunken eyes.
  • She mentioned that post her weight loss of 12 kgs she started noticing hollowness under the eyes.
  • She wanted a much fresher and a rejuvenated look on the face.

Medical History

  • Medically patient was absolutely fit with no past history of any illness or allergic reactions.
  • She was on multivitamins and oil capsules as dietary supplements.
  • Was getting the filler treatment for the very first time.

Patients Assessment

  • On analysis it was seen that she had both the components, loss of fat under the eye and hyperpigmentation.
  • On a smile she had under eye depressions along with very few crows feet.
  • She wanted the under eye hollowness to look fuller and pigmentation to look better.

Product & Material used

  • Product used was Juvederm Ultra Plus Xc 1 syringe and botolunium toxin type A
  • 0.5 ml of the filler material was injected on each side with a 27G needle on the bony rim.
  • The material was spread gently with the finger tip pressure.
  • Orbicularis Oculi was given a total of 6 units.
  • The client was asked to have enough amount of water post the treatment.
  • She was given homecare creams to use for under eye hyperpigmentation.

Tear Trough ( Ultra Plus Xc)

Tear Trough ( Ultra Plus Xc)

Tear Trough ( Ultra Plus Xc)

Tear Trough ( Ultra Plus Xc)