Dark Circle Therapy


Do dark circles under eyes make you feel conscious?Do people always consider you tired because of your dark circles? If yes, then all you have in mind ishow to remove dark circles permanently?

Dark circles can occur in both men and women. Those who suffer from it have only thing to ask, how to get rid of dark circles permanently. It is because these dark circles not just make them look tired and dull, but even hampers their overall personality.

Luckily, there are various treatments available to brighten the eyes, treat dark circles and bring back a youthful glow. But before you go for a treatment it is first essential to identify the cause of dark circles or dark eyes.

Causes of Dark Circles

Dark circles look awful and can develop because of one or more causes.

  1. Nutritional Deficiency

Before you head towards a treatment plan, you must first investigate about nutritional deficiency. It is a common cause of the problem. Thyroid and iron deficiency can lead to dark circles under eyes men and women.

If you are not mineral depleted then you need to consider a Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. This therapy is highly effective to boost the collagen skin cells and enhances fine lines, wrinkles, discolorationand sagging.


  1. Pigmentation

Another cause of dark circles can be pigmentation under eyes. When there are animproper vessel and lymphatic flow then the fluid sits in and can lead to melanin deposits because of sensitivity to skin care products, sun, hormonal imbalances, and discoloration.

In such case, it is essential to treat a suitable treatment that can lead to anti-pigmentation. Such treatment is practiced in order to lift and tighten the circulation and enhance the discoloration.

  1. Aging

As you age, your skin begins to sag naturally causing the appearance of dark circles and hollow eyes.

  1. Genetics

Sometimes, few individuals are born with dark circles under the eyes. Though you may find it frustrating the good thing is that it is possible to treat this problem. The treatment treats sagging skin under eyes caused by lack of skin tissue.

Dark circles men are less prominent than dark circles women. It is because women tend to lose their nutrients after pregnancy. Even women undergo major hormonal imbalances as compared to men. For this reason, more females have dark circles than males.

So, these are possible causes of dark circles and this would land you to another question – how to get clear eyes or how to remove dark circles under eyes permanently. Let me tell you that the best solution to treat dark circles is ‘Dark Circle Therapy.’


What is Dark Circle Therapy?

This therapy involves various types of treatments that are offered depending on the cause of dark circles. The various treatments for dark circles under dark circle therapy are as follows:

  • Laser Treatment

It is a revolutionary treatment that is risk-free and highly effective. If you are looking out for how to remove black spots from thefaceof men or women then this is the treatment to go with.

It gives clear complexion and a lasting glow. At the same time, it boosts collagen growth. You don’t have to afraid of laser treatment as it is a narrow light that focuses on the target area in the skin. When the laser light is supplied then it stimulates the surrounding tissue. As a result, the natural collagen production is enhanced and the affected areas are healed without resulting in damage.

The good thing is that laser treatment is suitable not just for the face but also for other parts of thebody.

  • Anti-Pigmentation Treatment

If you have met dark circles because of pigmentation then this treatment is a perfect option for you.

In this treatment laser light is focused on the pigmented skin. When the light targets the specified region then the pigment breaks up and you are left with clear skin. This treatment is done in sessions. The numbers of sessions depend on the severity and depth of the pigmentation.

This treatment works for all sorts of pigmentation like melasma, tanning, marks, age spots, birthmarks, and even tattoos. If you are suffering from skin discoloration then it can be treated with this treatment.


  • Radiofrequency to Treat Under Eyes Sagging

Dark circles can occur and look ugly because of kin sagging. It is because of poor blood circulation in the skin.

Radiofrequency is an effective treatment, which is a natural energy from radio waves. These radio waves penetrate deeper into the skin and targets each layer of skin. With rapid collagen stimulating movement, the skin under eyes is strengthened thereby resulting in thepermanent lift and tightening of theskin. With this treatment, you will also get rid of fine lines making your skin younger and refreshed.


  • Natural Acid Fillers

Natural acid fillers like Restylane or Juvederm are great treatments for under eyes circles worldwide. These fillers treatments are safe and hence practiced by celebrities, stars, grooms, brides, and other personalities.

It is the latest technique where 1 or 2 syringes are placed. The results are instant. So, when you enter the clinic with dark circles, you will move out with clear eyes. The side effects are minimal. The fillers are absolutely reversible. So, if you want to remove it then you can go for it without experiencing any side effects.

  • Ulthera

This is another dark circle removal therapy that swaps the tools of more invasive techniques. This therapy bypasses the skin’s surface and delivers targeted energy particularly into structural tissues from deep within.

The process generates heat through sonic waves and boosts collagen production. As a result, your skin appears tight, light and eventually makes you years younger.

  • PRP or Platelet-Rich-Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma is the process of using own growth factors to boost the skin and hair to offer natural rejuvenation.

In this process, blood is drawn first and then spins down to offer plasma’s growth in your platelets. The blood is then microinjected into the scalp or skin offering cell activity a great nutritional boost.

Be reintroducing the plasma, the dead cells are reactivated. For this reason, this treatment is useful for not just dark circles, but also for hair loss, skin issues, and other problems. The experience is effective and painless.

No matter what is the cause of your dark circles, there are treatment options available that can bring youthfulness and vibrancy back to your eyes. The important thing to remember is that before you avail any treatment you must first consult your dermatologist and get a detailed overview of the cause of dark circles and the respective treatment option. Surely, you will get the best solution and complete freedom from dark circles under eyes, dark spots in eyes, and dark spots on face.