Excessive Perspiration Botox Treatment

Excessive Perspiration Botox Treatment

Do you suffer from the heavy sweating problem? Are you looking out effective ways for how to reduce sweating in face and underarms? Definitely, heavy sweating can be a difficult and embarrassing problem to handle.

What is Heavy or Excessive Sweating?

Heavy sweating, also called as hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body releases excessive sweat. While releasing sweat by the body is normal to some extent, but if it’s too high then it can result in problems, like rashes, bad body odor, and even skin irritation.It is a skin disorder and can trap anyone.

So, before you hide your sweaty glands under bulky sweaters or plan to move to a chillier climate, I would like to tell you about the most advanced and effective way to stop sweating on way. This is the Excessive Perspiration Botox Treatment.

Botox Meaning

If you are reading this post then surely you must be suffering from the excessive sweating problem and would want to know how to control sweat on face, underarms, palms, and other areas of the body. So, I would like to tell that getting a Botox Treatment done is an excellent way to combat this problem.

Hence, here is the meaning of Botox!

Botox is the advanced therapy to get rid of excess sweat. With a Botox treatment, it is possible to prevent sweaty feet, sweat stains, and sweaty palms for a longer duration. This treatment is performed by injecting the antiperspirant for face, palms, underarms, and other areas of the body.

One injection of Botox can provide you relief from excessive sweat for up 6 – 8 months. So, on an average, if you want to get rid of excessive sweat problem throughout the year then you can get a Botox injection in every 6 months.

How Does Excessive Perspiration Botox Treatment Works?

The production of sweat is lowest at night. The Botox treatment acts as antiperspirants offering active ingredients a better opportunity to get into the pores and block sweat glands and avoid perspiration and sweating in the morning.

Botox or on a botulinum toxin is injected into the skin to soothe the symptoms of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. This treatment is a great option when topical medicines do not work enough, particularly in people 18 years and above.

When Botox is injected then it stops the sweat glands from rendering paralyzing their activity. Each sweat gland uses ejects sweat and other materials from the pores. With the Botox, these muscles become weaker and hence they do not release sweat anymore. Hence, if you are looking for a safe and almost permanent solution for how to cure sweating hands permanently or to treat sweating face permanently then this is one of the best treatment options available!

How is the Botox Treatment Performed?

The Botox treatment to combat excessive perspiration problem is performed in following steps:

Step 1 – The Botox treatment is always performed by first conducting a starch test. This test is done to identify the areas in the body where you sweat the most. An important thing to remember while going for this analysis is to avoid applying any antiperspirants for 24 hours or more before this test. It is because applying antiperspirants will lead to improper results.

Step 2 – Once the starch test is performed when the second step is to inject the Botox into the specific areas that are prone to release excessive sweat. The treatment is painless. Hence, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

These injections are painless because the experts gently numb the region with simple creams. There are no hefty injections given to numb the area. Once the area is numbed then there is a quick superficial infusion of Botox for minimum pain. This way you can get Botox treatment in an absolute painless manner!

How Long the Botox Treatment Lasts?

One sitting of Botox injection lasts for every 6 – 12 months. Even you can expect quick Botox results from the very first application. The results will appear in just a few days of the sitting. Hence, you will avail dry, stain-free hands, underarms, feet, and face for months!

Are there Any Side-Effects of Botox Treatment?

Botox treatment can result in side effects to some extent, but only when it is done by inexperienced professionals. But if the treatment is performed by skilled and experienced professionals then you can consider it as a safe treatment option.

This treatment is best for excess sweating and hyperhidrosis. This treatment is highly effective and safe. Botox can be used to treat palms, feet, underarms, and face when done by an experienced practitioner. These injections are practised very gently and superficially so that just the sweat glands are affected and you never experience any problem or side effect.



Home Remedies for Sweaty Hands, Underarms, Feet, and Face

The Excessive Perspiration Botox Treatment is a highly effective and safe treatment for excessive perspiration. But you can treat the excessive sweat problem to some extent with some home remedies.

  1. Avoid Wearing Heavy Clothes

Heavy clothes tend to trap sweat. Hence, it is always advisable that you wear light fabrics that are breathable, like silk and cotton. Since you are suffering from excessive sweat problem so it is wise that you carry along an extra shirt whenever you are traveling, gymming, or performing any outdoor exercise. If you suffer excessive perspiration problem on feet and palms then you must wear socks and gloves that keep away the moisture. Polypro and merino wool are some of the best options to consider.

  1. Use Shoe Inserts and Underarms Liners

Excessive sweating can lead to staining of the clothes. Hence, it is essential to use a shoe insert or an underarm liner to ensure that sweat does not ruin your clothes and even stay away from bad odor.

  1. Use an Antibacterial Soap to Bathe

When you bathe or shower then use an antibacterial soap. Using such soaps controls the bacteria that can house in your sweaty skin and lead to odors. Once you have taken bathe then dry yourself completely. After this, you can apply an antiperspirant. This will offer you with better results.

  1. Avoid Consuming Spicy Food or Caffeine

A strong coffee or spicy food might make your taste buds happy, but if you suffer from excessive sweat problem then this is not your cup of tea. Consuming such foods and caffeine-rich items stimulate the sweat glands and can make you feel uncomfortable. It is because they activate the neurotransmitters known as acetylcholine that is located in the brain. So, anything that activates these glands can affect the will lead to anexcessive sweating problem. Hence, avoid consuming such items at any cost.

Botox injections or Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis is an FDA approved treatment in 2004. Hence, you can expect lasting results with this treatment. If still any confusion then it is best to always consult your dermatologist before going for this treatment. This will knowledge you more about the treatment process and even the treatment can be customized as per your unique needs.