Eye Brow Therapy

Eye Brow Therapy

Want that perfect brow arch? Are you suffering from improper eyebrow growth problem? Your
eyebrows were once thick and high-arched, but with increasing age, they are not what they used
to be!
Experiencing such problems can be a big pain. But no need to worry! Here we bring you the
best eyebrow treatments that are safe and 100% effective and can help you get that perfect
raised arch, which you have always wanted. These are FDA approved methods and are ideal for
you if you want a perfect brow shape and growth.

Best Eyebrow Treatments

    1. Ulthera Brow Lift
Known as one the finest treatments for eyebrow problems resulted from aging, this is a highly
effective and advanced therapy that is absolutely safe to use.
This treatment uses an ultrasound wand that delivers targeted energy deep into the tissues. This
result in collagen building that might get disturbed due to aging or hormonal imbalances. So,
with this technology, the problem is rectified completely as the ultrasound lasers reverse the
dropping brows.
The best aspect of this treatment is that it is a perfect eyebrow regrowth solution for those who
do not want to experience any surgery. It drastically reduces the eyelid hooding while also offer
you the perfect eyebrow arch that you have been looking for. It starts delivering results from the
first session.


    2. The Liquid Brow Lift

If you are searching for an absolutely natural dermal filler treatment to shape your eyebrows then
the liquid brow lift treatment is the best solution for you.
This is an excellent eyebrow filling treatment that helps to shape your brows perfectly and
precisely. In this process, hyaluronic acid fillers are supplied to the targeted area through an
injection. The fillers are injected right below the skin to fill the sagging and sunken areas of the
skin. As a result, you avail firmer and smoother eyebrows.
With the liquid brow lift therapy, you can wave goodbye to the hooded eyelid and welcome the
arched brows. You will be able to avail the results in just one sitting and if in case you are not
satisfied with the results then you can still relax, as the Liquid Brow Lift is absolutely reversible!

    3. Botox Brow Lift

Another effective eyebrow growth treatment is the Botox Brow lift. This treatment is a perfect
solution for those who want to get that perfectly arched brows without deep-dropping lids.
This treatment is simple and one of the least time-consuming process. It can be practiced in just a
few minutes and offer results within 7 days. During this treatment, the Botox is injected into the
eyebrow muscles that are responsible to pull the eyebrow down. When the Botox is injected into
that muscle then it generates an arching effect. As a result, the eyebrows tend to gain their shape
again and look firmer and softer.
The Botox treatment is not a permanent one. Hence, you need to take the sittings in every three
months to keep your eyebrows in beautiful, perfect shape.
Besides these clinical treatments for eyebrow growth, there are some effective oral application
methods that can be used for eyebrow thickening.
    1. Eyebrow Growth Serum

While this is not a clinical treatment option, but an oral application method that can help you
gain proper eyebrow growth. There are various types of eyebrows growth serum available in
the market that is designed to boost the hair growth in the targeted area. Using such serums can
help you with eyebrow growth naturally.
Since there are different types of eyebrow serum available so selecting the best one can be a
daunting task. Choosing the best among various brands is a difficult job. Hence, it is advisable to
consult your dermatologist before selecting a serum for eyebrow growth.
The eyebrow growth serum works in an effective way as they are designed with a special
formula to offer you with thicker, healthier, and longer brows. The reputed serum brands
available in the market are safe for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. The
presence of highly concentrated and effective ingredients in these serums can offer you with
perfect eyebrow growth in less than 90 days. These serums are available with easy to use brushes
and require application only once a day. It is one of the best eyebrow growth products available
in the market that are proven to deliver results.

    2. Eyebrow Growth Gels, Creams, and Oils

These are other effective eyebrow growth products that are proven to offer best results. These
gels and oils are enriched with a strong formula and intend to boost eyebrow growth.
The eyebrow growth creams, gels, and oils are formulated with a special formula that focuses
only on the targeted area. Regular application of such products can help you enhance the hair
growth on the eyebrow. The good thing is that these products can also be used to enhance the
beauty and thickness of lashes. But just like eyebrow growth serums, even some creams and gels

can result in side effects. Hence, it is vital to consult your dermatologist before you pick any one
of these products.
Bold eyebrows are the definition of a perfect beauty. For females who need a boost, eyebrow
growth treatments and products promise absolute fullness! But brow growth does not happen
overnight. Even if you avail the topmost and expensive treatment, still it will take time to deliver
If you are experiencing a mild eyebrow problem then you may use the various eyebrow growth
products available on the market. But if the problem is severe then you need to go for the clinical
treatments. No matter which way you go, it is essential to consult your dermatologist as well as
go through online eyebrow growth on product reviews to see a defined boost in the situation of
your arches.