Success Story: Kalpana - 40 years

Botox Upper Face

Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics

Patient’s Concern

  • 40 year old female came to me with the prime concern of lines on the forehead whenever she talks and expresses herself.
  • She mentioned that on a full smile her eyes seem smaller with lines around the eyes.
  • She also wanted to get her eyebrows a little higher than what she had.

Medical History

  • Medically patient was absolutely fit with no past history of any illness or allergic reactions.
  • Was getting the toxin treatment for the first time.

Patients Assessment

  • On analysis it was seen that she had both the horizontal as well as vertical lines on the forehead ( forehead lines and frown).
  • On a full smile she had crows feet.
  • She was not happy with her eyebrows being a little lower.

Product & Number of Units used

  • Product used was Botolinium Toxin type A
  • Procerus, Corrugators,   & Depressor Supercili were given a total of 14 units of the toxin
  • Frontalis was given a total of 10 units.
  • Orbicularis Oculi was given a total of 20 units.
  • Total unit used were 44 units for the upper face line treatment.
  • She was called after 7-8 days for the follow up.

Botox upper face

Botox forehead lines

Botox for Frown

Crows feet (right)

Crows feet ( left side )