Laser Hair Treatment – The Best Solution to Your Excess Hair Problem

Laser Hair Treatment – The Best Solution to Your Excess Hair Problem

The problem of excess hair can occur to anyone, be it a woman or man! When there are excess hairs on the body then regular practices of hair removal fail to deliver the required solutions. Plucking, waxing,and shaving, despite trying all these methods you may not be able to get rid of those pesky hairs!

If you too are looking for a permanent solution for underarms hair removal and tired of experiencing the razor hair removal side effects then here I tell you the best solution!

Laser Hair Removal! It is an effective and safe solution to all your excess hair issues

What is Laser Hair Removal?

If you are not comfortable with monthly waxing, shaving or tweezing of unwanted hair or wondering how to remove upper lip hair permanently, then laser hair removal is the best option to consider.

It is one of the popular cosmetic procedures to remove unwanted hair from various body parts forever. You would be glad to know that this process is simple and painless.

The highly concentrated laser beams are passed on areas where there is excess hair growth. This light is passed into hair follicles and the pigment in hair follicles absorbs the light. As a result, the hair is ultimately destroyed.

Why Must You Go For Laser Hair Treatment?

The main reason to go for laser hair treatment is that it is applicable for all body parts except the eyelid and surrounding area. It can be used in all areas to get rid of unwanted hair, like legs, underarms, chin, upper lip, bikini line, and more.

The success of this treatment depends on hair color and type of skin. For instance, the treatment is most effective for people who have dark hair and light skin. It is because the laser targets the pigmentation in the hair. But with technological advances, it has now become possible to practice the treatment for people who have darker skin color.

The Process of Laser Hair Treatment

Is laser hair removal painful? This is one of the common questions that most of my patients ask. And I would be glad to tell that it is an absolutely painless process of hair removal.

Right before the process, your hair to undergo the treatment will be trimmed to just afew millimeters above the surface of theskin. The equipment of laser is adjusted according to the thickness, color, and location of the hair to be treated as well as the color of skin.

You as well as the technician need to wear a proper eye protection guard. It is essential to protect the outer skin layers with a cooling gel and device so that the laser light penetrates into the skin without causing any damage.

Whether you want underarm hair removal or armpit hair removal the laser beam will be targeted on the specified area. The technician will pass apulse of light on the area for few minutes to ensure that appropriate results are availed without causing any bad reactions.

After completion of the project, you would be offered with ice packs as well as anti-inflammatory lotions and creams to ease the discomfort. This treatment is practiced in few sittings and is executed until your hair on the specified region stops growing.

So, laser treatment is the answer for all those who always wanted to know how to remove unwanted hair from upper lip as well as other body parts.

Benefits of Laser Hair Treatment

  1. Laser hair removal is the best way for ladies with hair removing It removes unwanted hair from theleg, arm, face, upper lip, bikini line, and other body parts. It is a permanent solution to unwanted hair problem on all body parts.
  2. If you want to remove underarm hair with great precision then laser hair removal is the answer to this problem. The laser can precisely target coarse, dark hairs without damaging the skin surrounding the area.
  3. If you want to know how to remove unwanted hair permanently and that too without experiencing any side-effects then laser hair treatment is the answer to your question. It is a safe method till it is practiced by experts within the specified condition and environment. Even small areas like the upper lip can be treated in short time.
  4. It is one of the fastest ways for underarm hair removal as well as removing hair from various body parts. Even a fraction of laser light can treat numerous hairs at a time. The laser can treat a major area every second. Hence, if you are looking for a fast way then the underarm laser hair removal is the best process to
  5. Most of the patients can experience permanent hair loss after few sessions. So, if you wish to know how to remove upper lip hair permanently then laser hair treatment is the best available solution. You will be able to get permanent freedom from unwanted hair problem in just afew

Laser Hair Treatment for Hair Growth

The laser treatment is beneficial for not just hair removal but also to regain growth of new hair. This treatment is used for both men and women. If your hair follicles are not damaged severely then the laser hair treatment process can be followed by avail growth of new hair.

What is Laser Treatment for Hair Growth?

The laser hair treatment for hair growth uses the LLLT therapy. LLLT or Low-Level Light Therapy uses lasers and light energy below a particular energy threshold and within a particular wavelength to support new hair growth.

The source of light is usually a laser that generates no heat. As a result, it is a safe process that does not damages the hair follicles and scalp skin.

How Laser Treatment for Hair Growth is Beneficial?

This process is proven to promote growth of new hair in men as well as women. The laser rays are absorbed into the cells that promote their cellular activity. As a result, the aging cells become more active and hence lead to effective hair growth forever.

But there is always a possibility that this treatment may not work for some individuals who are suffering from complete baldness or have damaged hair follicles.

Besides laser hair treatment one can also practice hair loss treatment for men at home. But at home remedies can be a little time consuming and may not deliver satisfactory results that you expect.

Hence, laser hair treatments are effective for both men and women. They are applicable to all skin types. But still, I would recommend you to consult your dermatologist before selecting this process of hair removal or hair growth through laser treatment. This will ensure that you have a safe and hassle-free process, which is free from side-effects.