Skin Pigmentation – Top Tips to keep it at Bay

Skin Pigmentation – Top Tips to keep it at Bay

Tired of uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dull skin, or marks? No need to get panic as you are not the only one suffering from this problem. There are a lot more people out there trapped with the awful problem of Pigmentation. In fact, it is a major problem for people with darker skin tone.

Pigmentation comes without warning, but no need to worry aboutbeing your dermatologist I can help diagnose and treat the problems of pigmentation.

My Skin Care Advice to Treat and Prevent Dull and Pigmented Skin!

What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation can be of two types – Hyper-pigmentation and Hypo-pigmentation

Hypo-pigmentation is a condition where lighter tone patches appear on the skin than the normal surrounding skin. It can result due to inflammation and irritation and even due to leukoderma.

Hyper-pigmentation is another condition where the patches of skin are darker in color than the normal skin. Skin darkening occurs in this condition and leads to brown pigment on the normal skin that seems like deposits on the skin.

Treating Skin Pigmentation

  1. Protect Yourself from Direct Sun Exposure

Sun is the very first cause of pigmentation. Hence to treat pigmentation it is essential that you stay away from thesun. You must reduce exposure to thesunby covering exposed areas of the body.

Also, before you step out of the sun, it is essential you must wear a sunscreen. This is a must product to protect skin from the onslaught of thesun. The problem of pigmentation can occur because of UVA and UVB sun rays.

Hence, the sunblock will ensure that you get optimal effects from the sun. Also, it is important to re-apply sunscreen after every 3-4 hours to maintain its effect.

  1. Avoid Excess Usage of Products

While using different products on the skin always appear tempting and wonderful, but actually, they are not healthy for your skin.

As per the large volume of dermatological data gathered by our team, using excess products on the skin can lead to higher sun interaction on your skin resulting in unwanted pigmentation.

So, you must avoid applying too many products on your face, like creams, face washes and more. Furthermore, always try a new product first and then test for its reaction on the skin.

  1. Use Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

If you have heard about using yogurt or milk in your facial packs then there is a vital reason behind it. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is an important Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA. Even dermatologists use glycolic acid and lactic acid in order to combat pigmentation.

The AHA works great to treat skin pigmentation by gently exfoliating the top layer of the skin. Even they promote therenewal of fresher, newer, and brighter skin. Since melanin is deposited within the skin cells, so if they exfoliated completely, then the skin cells without melanin can be exposed.

Moreover, AHA works directly on synthesizing melanin making it more effective.

AHA is absolutely safe for the skin as they are effective and safe, particularly when they are combined with glycolic and lactic acid and Natural Moisturizing Factors. Moreover, lactic acid is a common humectant that steals water in the skin making it appear more supple and moist.

I hope these skin tips will help you get rid of skin pigmentation. Remember, if the problem is severe and you are not able to treat it through gentle methods then you must contact a dermatologist immediately to get the skin you want!